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The MSc in Economics and Finance is organized in two curricula:

  • Sustainable Finance and Economics (SFE)
  • Quantitatative Finance and Insurance (QFI)

All the curricula offer a deep knowledge in economics, finance, advanced computational/statistical methods and programming languages. The SFE curriculum is relatively more focused on economics and sustainable finance, while the QFI curriculum emphasizes financial and risk methodologies as wella as data management techniques. In both courses, particular emphasis will be placed on the themes of sustainable finance and on advanced techniques in the analysis and management of data, both through specific courses and across the training course.

The SFE and QFI curricula share (almost entirely) the first year. In the second year SFE and QFI differentiate: SFE provides three economics courses related to financial economics and sustainable finance (Financial Econometrics, Sustainable Finance, Financial economics and institutions) whereas in the QFI curriculum there are three courses on quantitative finance and insurance methodologies (Financial Econometrics, Insurance methodologies and techniques, Financial and insurance risk modeling).